How does Scafflinq's billing work?

How does Scafflinq's billing work?


Scafflinq is a free subscription you pay nothing until you start installing Scaffolds.

Our billing is a pay-for-use model, where customer only pay when for Active tags that have been assigned to Scaffolds.

An Active Tag means a tag that has been assigned to a scaffold after installation, and as long as the scaffold is erected the tag will remain Active.

How does a tag become Inactive?

  1. When a team member designates a Scaffold as dismantled in Scafflinq

  2. When a team member archives a Project, all Scaffolds at the Project are designated as dismantled.

What will I pay?

Refer to our Pricing page for more information on our subscription options.

What is the Billing frequency?

We generate one invoice every Sunday at midnight for all Active tags the past week, and we send this invoice to your Billing account email setup in the Billing area of your account.

Our pricing model is based on a pay-for-use approach with the following structure:

  1. Initial Free Tags: The first 5 Active tags you use are completely free of charge

  2. Charges for Additional Tags: Starting from the sixth Active tag, a fee of $0.40 AUD per tag, per week, will be applied.

  3. Charging Period: Fees are incurred only while your scaffold remains erected. We cease charging once you dismantle the scaffold, and the tag's status changes to Inactive.

  4. Payment Only for Active Use: You are billed solely for the duration that your scaffold is in an Active state.

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